Prediction in today’s ever changing world is quite a blasphemy in itself. Having said that Industrial trends could be considered as Light Houses guiding oneself amidst the vast oceans of possibilities and opportunities!

Being part of the Industry for decades, I could connect with the several Spa Trends that the Indian Spa Industry will envisage. Some of these Changes are also the opportunities for us to pause, reflect and put in the required efforts to make the Industry more productive and resilient.

1. Use of AI
Artificial Intelligence is finding its way in every Industry and Spa is no exception. The very fact that at Meghavi itself we have integrated Alexa with our Online Appointment Bookings for Hyderabad (even though it hasn’t been a very successful experience yet) is just a tip. In the coming time, more avenues with AI will be explored in Spas to access Client’s Health, Lifestyle specific Requirements and to ensure scientifically customised Spa experiences with before and after deliverables. Spa Kiosks, Intelligent Spa Rooms, Apps based configurations will become an integral part of the Indian Spa industry.

2. Spa Politics
Like challenges faced by any Nascent Industry, absence of required specifications in Spa Licensing, lack of legislation, acceptance of Massages as a Healing touch without gender bias and the several Sex racquets caught under the pretence of Spas have tainted the Spa industry for long. With explorative mind set of State Governments, the potential business and employment possibilities, growing trend and global positioning of Wellness Tourism, increasing strength and recognition of Spa Associations needless for say will speed up implementation of Uniform Legislatures governing the Indian Spa Industry while putting Checks and Measures on miscreants.

3. Let Experts handle their domain
In the asset light world of outsourcing, one would witness detachment of Bigger brands with their Indigenous Spa brands. In today’s Hospitality world, with Thinner Margins, Sharing of Pie between Property Owners and Operating Brands, there is a dire need and constant emphasis upon Every Revenue Unit to be Maximised and be a Profit centre. Hence Brands in emerging trends are no Longer refraining to question the Profitability of Opulent Spa Spaces and their Space Utilisation! An absence of dedicated Spa Revenue department in the Hotels adds more challenges to optimise Spa Resources. The high dependency on the Skills of a Single Spa Manager/Director, Attrition Challenges, leading to Fluctuating Spa Revenues, will pave in ways for Outsourced Spa Brands to hold the ground. A trend that is quite visible Now a days.

4. High Dependency on Earthly Spa Approaches
The Growing consciousness for embracing Mother Earth and the important realisation that the root cause of Many Health issues is mainly our detachment from Nature is now opening doors for embracing Creative, Nature based Spa Therapies. Whether it be a Forest Bathing, Oxygenated Spa Therapy Rooms, use of healing, potent plants and their derivatives, Nature based Skin Formulations, Water memory based Therapies and much more, one could see a visible shift both in demand and supply side. One would also witness the efforts taken by the Spa Industry to Minimise Waste and Carbon footprint through careful packaging, utilities selections etc.

5. Dropping the Veil
Increased affordability, Couples venturing in Shared Spa Moments and recognising Spaiing Culture as a Need of the hour and an answer to their Stress has taken away the Hsssssh mentality of Indian Spa Goers. Spa Pads are becoming a common feature in Social gatherings, Wedding functions, Team Building Outings and even Business Conferences. Many corporates are investing in having Spa services available within their premises. People are becoming More open to share their Spa Routine and encourage their Family and Friends to incorporate Regular Spaiing as a Healthy Habit and as an antidote to their Stress. Various Ayurveda therapies (under Ayush) are now covered in several Health insurances. Likewise, the Industry veterans in the years to come will notice atleast Few Spa therapies like Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Sports massage falling under the radar of Health Insurances.
Endorsement like these will pour in many successful, reference based promotions and add New fresh stream of customers.
6. Disassociation with Pure Dependency on Seven Sister States
An important and a much needed Industry change. With the shift in perceiving Spa as a Career option under the Vast ambit of Wellness, more Human potential will participate from States like Orissa, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Himachal etc. These States will open up under PMYK, Damodar Rojgar Yojana to unleash the untapped available Work Force addressing the Spa Industry demand supply deficit while providing reputable career options to their natives. This will also help in bringing Industry Reforms and emphasis on employing Trained, Certified Therapists. Moreover one could also see Corporates financing Spa and Beauty Training Institutes as a CSR initiative and as Social Impact Businesses driving in the section of often ignored Population like Orphans, People with certain Disability, Socially/ Economical Backward areas etc.

In Nut shell, today’s the Industry has an outreach to all the Necessary Ingredients required for being a Successful, Thriving Industry. The technology, the increasing demand, Social acceptance, a Strong Image of being an Integral part of Wellness, the rise in the affordability factor in large sections of Population will make the Indian Spa Industry emerge in a New light. Thus even with Thin Margins one would see the Passionate, Domain expertise driven Spa brands with Right vision and Business acumen flourish and contributing significantly to Billion Dollars Wellness Industry.

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