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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which treatment is best for me?
At Meghavi Wellness Spas, you can choose from an array of wellness treatments and massages, depending on your choice. For instance, if you have a problem area like a stiff back, we would recommend going for our exclusive massages like hot stone massage or potli massage or if you simply want to relax and unwind, you can opt for the Four Hand or Swedish massage. You can also call us or walk into any of our branches and our expert therapists can guide you with the right treatment for you.
Do you have a cell phone policy?
Yes, we encourage you to keep your mobile phones for a charge while you are recharging yourself in the spa room. Answering phones/replying to messages, or scrolling through social media will not allow your mind to relax.
Can I safely store my personal belongings somewhere during my service?
Yes, we offer a jewellery box to the guest that can be kept safely in the spa room itself.
Do you offer gift certificates or vouchers?
Yes, we do provide gift certificates or vouchers that you can gift to your loved ones. Please ensure these gift certificates are redeemed within the validity period.
How do I book my appointment?
We have a centralised WhatsApp number – +91 9704950999, which is equipped with real-time information. This means that you can book your appointment, and the system will ensure there are no clashes between appointments. Apart from this, you can also call us at our centralised appointment desk – +91 88802 09999 and for some specific enquiries about your treatment, you can also call the wellness spa centre that you will be visiting.
How does the rating system work at Meghavi Wellness Spas?
We have a unique 2-way rating system. With every receipt, we send you a feedback link which allows you to share your ratings with us and helps us improve. We also have an app designed for internal usage that allows our therapists to rate every customer. This 2-way rating system helps maintain integrity and transparency.
What are your safety and privacy policies?
We have a 30-points framework to ensure the safety and privacy of our clients as well as the team. Some of these policies include closed therapy rooms without locks to ensure safety, spa wear draping techniques to cover the body, mandatory wear of disposable spa wear (provided by us) or your personal undergarments, in-built showers in therapy rooms, etc.
Do we have access to steam and shower rooms?
Yes, after a relaxing spa treatment, you can access the shower rooms and steam (based on availability) to freshen up.
Do you have cashless payments?
Yes, you can pay by card, UPI, net banking, and other cashless options. We encourage cashless payments for transparency.
Can I eat before my massage?
Yes, you can have a light meal/snack, 30-35 minutes before your massage. It is preferred to have a light stomach before a treatment.
Is it necessary to hydrate after my massage?
Yes, it is very important to drink water after a massage. This helps the body flush out accumulated materials that were released during the massage. This is especially important for deep tissue massages.
Why do you need OTP authentication?
As part of Government regulations and the various RTIs in most states, it is mandatory for us to have verified numbers of our guests and OTP authentication makes this possible.
What kind of clothes am I supposed to wear for a treatment?
You can walk in wearing your regular clothes. Before treatment, our therapist will give you disposable clothing that makes it easier for them to carry out the treatment. This ensures your clothes don’t get dirty and the disposable nature of the massage clothing ensures proper hygiene is maintained.
What is the right pressure used for massages?
High pressure does not mean a better massage. The pressure given by the therapist during a massage depends on the type of treatment and how much the individual guest’s body can take the pressure. While you can definitely inform the therapist about the pressure to be used, please understand that a body develops resistance to more pressure for massages over time. So, give it time and go slow to avoid any soreness.
Am I allowed to tip my therapist?
At Meghavi, we follow an individual tipping policy and currently do not levy any service charge. However, we ask all our guests to leave tips for the therapists at the reception which will then be handed over to the concerned therapist. We do not encourage any guest to tip the therapist inside the therapy rooms.
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