Have you anytime felt mentally bogged down with a need to let your hairs loose and relax?

Depression is common mental health problem causing people to experience low mood, loss of interest, feelings of low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy, and poor concentration, exhaustion and body ache calling for some rejuvenation. While rest may help you, one may also want to feel the stress reduction – this is where spa plays a role.

Spa treatments refers to massage therapies using essential oils and healing waters. Spa centres offer a relaxing atmosphere with soothing music and lights, aromatic ambience where one can get massages, aromatherapy sessions, and beauty & care treatments for physical and mental tranquillity.

Few therapeutic benefits of spa on mental health are

Improved sleep quality – Massages helps one feel relaxed by increasing body temperature thereby relaxing your muscles, soothing body tension. It helps reduce fatigue so you have better sleep.

Reduce muscle and joint pain – Warm oil massages help ease stress-related muscle and joint pain rejuvenating you.

Reduce stress –Physical relaxation brings along a well-rested mind which then eases mental stress.

Increases self-confidence – Feeling good with improved skin, reduced fatigue and joint pain makes you feel good. This boosts your self-confidence, thus improving your mental health. 

Reduces the severity of headaches – Warm oil effects relax your body, enlarge your blood vessels resulting in decrease in severity of headaches thereby reducing stress.

Come and experience a spa session from our services at Meghavi Wellness.  To know more about which therapy would be ideal for you, please fill in enquiry form and one of our executives will contact you.

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