Our Dedicated Healers

Our talented therapists have a crucial role in moulding Meghavi Wellness Spas and making it what it is today. The well-trained and experienced therapists hail from different parts of the country, but about 90-95% of our therapists come from the North Eastern states of India.

Since most therapists in this industry come from North East India, we decided to decode the mystery of why this happens and settle the curiosity once and for all. There are several reasons but a few that are noteworthy:

  • The North Eastern states of India boast of multiple skill development academies set up by hospitality brands and the Government of India. This enables the residents of the states to take their talent a notch higher and ace their skill sets.
  • In this part of the country, women are financially stronger than men and earn equal or even more than their male counterparts. The development of their skills in the spa industry gives a further impetus to their growth.
  • Since the majority of the community has been in the field of natural cure and healing, there is an added advantage of generational know-how. As massages are integral to natural cures and alternative sciences, the skills and techniques are passed down for generations.
  • Owing to the abundance of nature, North Easterners are more connected to Mother Nature and believe in touch as a therapy. Moreover, this part of the country is culturally more evolved, making them more comfortable with touching bodies and releasing tension.

Meghavi Wellness Spas prides itself on having some of the best therapists as a part of its team. We strongly believe that our people make us who we are and we thank our therapists for providing a rejuvenating experience every single time through their well-curated therapies.

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