Spa Chain Services

Over the last 4 years, Meghavi Wellness has attained a reputation of being one of the finest and happening spa centres in the country for all therapeutic & other specific salon & spa requirements.

Come to Meghavi Wellness – the perfect destination for ones who want some ‘me time’.

  • Feel relaxed with massages, treatments and salon sessions. Let go all the pain, relieve yourself from the body stiffness.
  • Let your skin feel nourished and taken care of. 

Some of the services we provide – (hyperlink each of the heading below to the page)

Body Scrubs & Wraps

Body scrubs & wraps begin with a body scrub, and are followed by a hydrating wrap after a shower to seal in the moisture to make you feel relaxed.

Pedicure & Manicures

Pedicure is a therapeutic treatment for feet and toenails. It exfoliates the feet bottom – the most toughest skin on your body . The skin care treatment is usually provided till the knee with granular exfoliation, moisturizing and massage.

Manicure is a therapeutic treatment for fingernails and hands that include filing and shaping the free edge of nails, clipping, massages & application of nail paint. The skin care treatment is usually provided till the elbow with granular exfoliation, moisturizing and massage.

Massage Therapies

Reduce your stress hormone cortisol & increase your happiness quotient with a suitable massage therapy from the plethora of options we provide and leave our spa feeling rejuvenated. 

Make Up

Discover a new you with a new look with a make-up session and experiments with our make-up artists. 

Skin Care

Resolve any of your skin issues like dry skin/tanned skin/ flaky skin /dull skin/oily skin with recommended, suitable skin care treatment and services that we provide.