Law of Manifestation

I began the Year with Showers of Blessings and One of them was to start a Weeklong retreat with my Teacher and Friend Nitya Shanti. Further, the calmness and the air of Goa added more flavors to the week.

The Open Session about Law of Manifestation helped me revisit How to be a Manifester and Truly be a Channel of Blessing. Having Read and Watched Secret, done many affirmations of Louise Hay, focused, guided Kriyas, inspite of that the learnings from the Open session added some Fresh perspective.

1. It’s OK to have a Desire and acknowledge it: Most often we are conditioned and used to labeling our desires as being selfish. So first and foremost be at Home with your Desire and what you truly want. No Judgement, period! As any judgment, labeling, sends confusing frequencies to the Universe/source hence you fail to receive the desired outcome.

2. Desires with Higher Frequencies are met Faster: All Desires/ Wants are Thoughts that have frequencies. The desires/wants that make us Happy have Higher frequencies. Desires or wants that emerge from the state of Happiness – a final outcome of any Human desire or want, vibrates at powerful and higher frequencies to which Universe reciprocates effectively. So keeping yourself in the state of Visualisation of the desire and Actualisation: being in the feeling state as if the desire is already met is a very crucial step in manifestation.

3. Be specific but don’t get attached to the process of how you want the fulfilment of your desire: It is an established fact, Macro Management yields Better Results than Micro Management. Likewise The Focus and Specification ONLY on WHAT you want matters and not HOW you want it. Trust and Surrender to the Higher Intelligence of Universe is a prerequisite to manifestation.

4. Intention Segmentation: A simple process of dividing your day into segments and revisiting your desire/s and intentions in every segment of the day keeps you in tune with what you truly want and work as a Beautiful reminder for Universe that you are committed to your wants and desires.

5. Last but Not the least, Align yourself to Receive: A good analogy will be of You ordering your Favourite thing on Amazon but not making yourself available at home to receive it! Will you ever receive the parcel? Similarly, even if you have done Step 1, 2, 3 & Step 4 but not make yourself available to receive, your desires will keep hovering in the energy space without you experiencing them in your Physical world. It’s like you wanting to Go for your favorite Holiday in October 2020 but booking every single day of October with some work commitments is a contradiction to your desire of a Break! So Aligning and making yourself Available to receive is VERY VERY Important. at times we doubt our own Intentions and desires. Negating thoughts keep surfacing up, as a result, we get misaligned to receive. In such situations, tools like Cancel Cancel, Affirmations, CTC (Cut The Crap), Tapping, etc are very helpful to bring us in the state of Alignment and Receiving.

I am the most favorite Child Of Universe, that is constantly conspiring to make things happen for me at the Perfect timing’  is a miraculous statement that I made and has always worked for me wonderfully well in all dubious states. It is a reminder statement that I use as a Screen saver and a sticker on my wardrobe.

Life can be so easy and effortless is a Hard to believe concept and we do have a subconscious attachment to struggles and challenges. So today I take this opportunity to invite you to try the Law of Manifestation, test it and then Believe or Reject it.

Wishing you A Shower of Blessings every Single Day of the Year ahead, “May you Receive Everything you Aspire for.”

Love & Regards,

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