Importance of Mental Well-being

Importance of Mental Well-being

With all what’s going around in the World and the current unprecedented times have contributed to a Lot of Stress and Yet is also an opportunity with the time in Hand to address this pent up Stress!

It is a No Brainer that Covid-19 with all its challenges has successfully managed to Enforce NEW NORMAL. And one of the most serious implications it has for a Social Animal like Human is SOCIAL DISTANCING. Leading to a major blow to Emotional Well-being on top being further accentuated with the Economic slow down.

All this combined together is for sure a recipe of disaster unless we are able to respond to the current situations through a balanced Mind, Thought approach. Hence there is no denial, that the current times are the most pertinent times in human history to emphasise on Mental Well being than ever before.

Typically the Mental health is affected either through a Chemical Imbalance or Emotional state or Physiological issues.

Needless to say Chemical and Physiological states leading to Mental Imbalance requires Medical Intervention.
However there are many Self Tools that can help address and also sharpen Mental Well-being especially when the root cause is Emotional Triggers. Below are the 6 Easy to Do, Quick tools that can help elevate One’s Mental Well Being.

1. Reinstate, appreciate Self Worth. 
Often we do not value and appreciate Our Gifts May be because of our conditioning or society or peers or any other pressures. Result we fall in trap of exhausting ourselves to meet some vague standards that are never consistent.
Starting your day, looking yourself in the mirror and appreciating 3 Good things about yourself can set a wonderful tone for the day.

2. A quick Thank you Prayer
While I am on my way to office or any meeting I keep repeating a quick Thank You prayer. I just keep saying Thank You, Thank you to all what comes in my mind. Thank you to my cook, thank you to my family, our building security guard, employees our customers, etc etc. To begin with if this prayer isn’t natural to you or you feel you are in the most miserable state of life where there is nothing to be Thankful for, still do it. Just keep repeating Thank you to anything and everything that comes to your mind. Thank you. When we express our gratitude towards the smallest aspect of life it aligns and renew our energies and shifts our attitude of Welcoming opportunities instead of being a Victim or Fault Finder.

3. Meditate 
Even a 15 minutes Meditation daily gives us a wonderful opportunity to revisit and reflect upon our choices from a neutral space. Often our responses are governed by our past experiences and prejudices. A reflection and at times a revisit to our choices and actions helps us not to fall a prey in meeting up some consuming and never rewarding standards. Moreover it also evokes empathy towards others.

4. End your day with positivity
Even if we don’t want to still we are bombarded with an immense amount of Negativity often leading to polarisation and disappointments. Ending your day with some positive affirmations or listening to something calming or soothing helps recharge you even while you are asleep.

5. Breathe deeply, Eat well and Drink enough of water.
Throughout the day keep reminding your self to Breathe deeply. Deeper breaths ensure enough of Oxygen supply to your cells keeping you relaxed. Healthy food choices and being well hydrated keeps you fresh and active for a more productive day. You can also put sticky notes at your workstation to simply reinforce these simple reminders.

6. Act of Kindness
Giving back through atleast one deed a day adds more Happy colors to our life. Your act does not need to limit to a donation or charity, even a smile and acknowledging someone goes a long way. Soon enough you will start seeing rainbows of Compassion, Love, Empathy, Appreciation blossoming your life.

Life is designed to be simple and is worth living every single moment. Such Simple practices, compassion and empathy are the Most effective tools that makes our life filled with Joyous moments and help restore our Mental Wellbeing.

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