6 Tips How to Choose My Most Apt Spa Treatment

Often, I have heard Spa Lovers getting fixated to the Most Heard and Popular Spa treatment like a Swedish Massage or a Salt Scrub for their every Spa visit. Though a Good Spa is known to offer a Magnificent range of services however the business analytics will show ONLY 3-4 Spa services contributing to at least 65-70% of Total Spa sales out of a minimum of 20 Services offered in that Spa.

The reason for these Star Performer treatments is not purely on a Merit basis but the lack of Awareness amongst the Guests and missing link of the appropriate information by the Service provider.

Unfortunately, a trend like this has several repercussions. Some of them are –

a) Staleness in experience from the customer perspective due to repetitive skill amounting to reduced commitment required to show desired health goals.

b) Surfacing of demotivation on importance of treatment Techniques, Product Know How Training along with SlowIndustry Evolvement and Innovation because as an owner of the business your focus is what churns profits for you. So, if the demand is Only Swedish or xyz treatment why should as a business owner s/he should invest resources in something New.

c) Non-integration of Health and Wellness in the Spa therapies, as the flexibility to customise therapies to suit to individual’s needs start fading away.

d) Technique becomes more important than the perception of the Body thus therapeutic effects and the Health Goals from Spa treatments become of microscopic value.

e) Loss of interest amongst the Spa Service providers due to lack of innovation which starts destroying the service standards.

f) The lack of due diligence in the Whole Spa Industry which otherwise could really become thetrusted partners in People’s Health Goals.
Though the challenges are not limited to the ones above but such challenges faced by any industry could really put the Owners and keepers to the doorstep of stagnation.

It is debatable whether the Supply should exist before the Demand or vice a versa but one thing is for sure, in interest of everyone and to be in harmony the Supply and Demand need to strike a meeting point.

So as a Customer and a Spa Enthusiast what should I know to Make the Most from my Spa Choice, the time spent, the money invested and what choice could better my health?

Here are the 6 Tips to help you choose your Most Apt Spa Treatments

1. Understand Your Body Needs.
Very Important, listen to your body. Is your Body asking for some stretches to uncoil some of those stressed muscles, or Your Skin is pleading to be soaked with some deep hydration, or it is that stress Chemical lactic acid which your body wants to throw out or you simply need some pampering me time with a soothing touch?Based on what your Body Needs make a Choice accordingly. VERY IMPORTANT!

2. Share your concerns and Expectations from your Spa Session and then Choose Wisely.
Do not get carried away with the Spa attendants trying to sell you what is the Most Popular Spa treatment they have. Rather you first ask for a consultation, share your pain points and expectations and then ask for the advice to meet up your needs.

3. Be Curious.
Don’t let yourself succumb to the Spa Jargon and verbiage. Ask about the Products used, whether be the Oil Blends, or the ingredients used in Your Body Scrub, Facial and how will they help you. Question the techniques, about the equipment if any to be used and how will they serve to your issue.

4. Know Your Available Time.
True you need to visit The Spa Most when you don’t have the time for it. As this is when you are doing an uphill Trek of Stress Mountaineering and a Spa Break is the most called for! But Please don’t ruin it by trying to add on to the quantity and later feeling time pressed. Choose the Therapy duration which suits your routine the most so that you can transcend back to face Real World challenges rather than jumping off the Table and stressing out how you can be on time for your next meet?

5. Balance your Choice with your Lifestyle.
If Massage is your answer opt for the one which matches to your lifestyle. If you stand for Long hours go for a massage or technique like Swedish which can focus better on legs, if you are recovering from an illness ask for Lymphatic Drainage massage, if you are a Gym Lover opt for a Deep Tissue to release pent up stress from overworked Muscles, if You have a Sedentary Life Style choice of Thai Massage or Balinese with Stretching Techniques will be apt for you. Feeling travel weary or jet lagged opt for something soothing like Aroma Therapy. If you are finding your Body more rigid, ask for a Thermic Treatment Like Hot Bamboo Massage or Hot Stone therapy to open your coiled muscles.

6. Choose Skin Enhancing Treatments if you could hear Self Esteem issues knocking or the Signs of Ageing worrying you.
It is a wrong perception that ONLY Massages addresses stress. I have known and met 100’s of People even in my own Spa Meghaviwho feel Good when they actually Look Good, Energetic and Young. And it is OK if it serves them, right? May be some time, some moment in your life you may feel or have felt the same- the need to Look good to feel good! If a look in the mirror has worried you, it is the time to Hit for some Beauty, rejuvenating experience. And that too when performed by able hands will melt away your stress.
In the beauty section, one could find a wide array of Facials, Body Scrubs, Body Wraps for Nourishing, Firming and Toning the Skin. Choose the options based on your Skin Type, if you are not sure, ask the Spa assistant to assess your Skin. Share your Skin concerns whether it is dehydration, pigmentation, lack of lustre or ageing, acne, dark spots, lack of elasticity whatever it is and then take a Session what addresses and support your Skin revival. Do remember Skin treatments take few sittings to show the result and if something appears overpromising most likely it will under deliver and may be more damaging.Last but Not the Least remember what is popular may not be Right and what is Right may not be Popular. What may please you may not necessary appease someone else. And likewise, each day every moment you are different and your needs may vary. So, what Spa Session you usually enjoyed in the past may Not be the Answer for your Today’s Need.

Don’t forget, you are a Very Special Person and you always Deserve the Best. So, connect with your Self, listen to your needs, ask for advice if required and then Make your Choice. If you follow this mantra Your Every Spa Session will be Unique giving you the Most Wonderful Relaxing and Fruitful Time.Happy Spaaing.

With Love & Gratitude,

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