What is a Common Dressing Norm in Best Spas in India?

What Is  a Common Dressing Norm in Best Spas in India?Some of my close friends have always expressed their discomfort of minimal or no clothing in presence of a stranger (therapist) and this is often a strong deterrent for their appointments even when the Best Spa is so conveniently available to them. Although post our conversations they often end up being avid Spa goers shattering away all their inhibitions about Minimalist clothing and Spas!
Specially as an Indian wherein our culture makes us Body shy, anything to do with Minimal clothing is quite a discomfort whether he/she is a New Spa Goer or a Spa enthusiast trying a New Spa Treatment like Vichy Shower despite the fact that the Spa available to them is known to be a Good Spa and probably a Highest Rated Spa.

Being in Wellness Industry close to Two decades and seeing the Indian Spa Wellness Industry shaping up from the Nascent stage, to a Luxury and Now more like a Necessity, it does makes me feel uncomfortable that this Obvious Discomfort about Spa attire is always chosen to be answered very discreetly and in quite a hush- hush tone by many Good Spas, making a First Timer of Spa all the more ambiguous. Now an ambiguity like this can for sure lead someone into an embarrassing situation.
Also due to lack of easily available visible knowledge about Spa Dressing Etiquette in India, this dilemma of No Clothing gives the entire Industry a Tainted Grey shade. Needless to say it is often a big deterrent for the possible Spa embrace by many potential customers.

So what is a permissible clothing Norm for an Indian Spa?

Most of the Spa sessions require the customer to remove their personal clothing. However all Professional Best Spas in the Country will offer you a Disposable Underwear and a bathrobe. And if a Spa doesn’t offer you that, be aware! I personally would not take any service there.

And in Many Spas like Meghavi, o2 Spa, Taj Jiva Spa, The Oberoi Spa it is mandatory for a customer to wear either a Disposable or their Own Underwear during their Spa Session. The Therapist in these Spas are officially instructed to discontinue any treatment if the Guest refuses to follow it. In this way, the privacy of both the customer and the Therapist is respected and protected.

In any Professional Spa, throughout your Spa session, you will be draped in sheets or towels and only that part of the body will be exposed which needs to be massaged. Like if your right calf is getting massaged, your back and even the left calf will be covered with the sheets. Thus your Spa Session is conducted more professionally and with utmost care to protect your privacy than your typical medical check-up at a clinic!
Also No Professional Spa will offer, encourage or respect a request or ask in any form Obvious or discreet to Massage or an exposure of private parts. Please remember the meaning of Full Body Massage does not include Your Nether parts and for sure you will not be appreciated and welcomed for your intentional ignorance. It is like going for a Full Medical check-up and expecting the Lab to do an Ultrasound of your private parts. Get Real, and don’t be surprised for being blacklisted and some serious consequences if you step the boundary.

If you are in a Common space like Steam, Sauna, changing area which is intended to accommodate several people at a time, wearing a towel or bathing suit is expected and appreciated. For changing your clothes you can opt to change in a shower room in case of absence of a private changing space. And if the place offers you a private space you are free to choose your own comfort level of clothing, no or minimal.

The set standards of Spa clothing in all professional Best Spas are implemented and followed without fail through intensive training, awareness, audit checks, management guidelines and no exception rule.
In Meghavi which is also known as Best Spa in Hyderabad and as a Luxury Family Villa Spa, we follow “No Question” policy with our Team. This means in case of a Non complying customer who refuses to wear a disposable or their own brief or do not want the therapist to follow draping techniques during the session, the therapist simply excuses her/him self and walk out of the therapy room. Our Spa Manager then communicate effectively and professionally to the customer that Meghavi Spa offers Holistic services and do not provide or encourage any act promoting sexual or promiscuous behavior. No wonder along with several other reasons why Meghavi is the favorite among many Spa Lovers and opted as a Preferred Best Spa in Hyderabad for Self and The Spouse and Family.

In Nut shell, Spa is not an equivalent to Nudity. And a True Spa experience will actually make you more aware of the comfort of your body and the importance of your privacy yet being very gentle and therapeutic.

So what’s stopping you now? Find a Good Spa (an easy way to choose a good spa is to check their Spa rating if you don’t have that Spa’s first-hand reference), grab your phone and book in yourself! Trust me your body will “Thank you” and will speak aloud “Oh God! What kept me waiting for it?”

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