Weeklong Wellness Journey

7 Days of Health, Detox and Self Care
Duration Single Couples
2hr/day – 7 day 20,000/- 38,000/-

* All Prices are Exclusive GST


Inspired with Traditional, alternative and modern therapies from every hemisphere to soothe fatigued muscles, release deeply held patterns of tension, replenish skin hydration and very importantly a specially curated technique to help break life’s repetitive patterns. Indeed the benefits of these immersive therapies will remain with you long after you leave.
This includes:

Day 1:
A prelude to releasing Muscle soreness and softening the skin. Treatments include Hot Stone Massage (90 mins.)
and Floral Salt Scrub (30 mins.)

Day 2:
To revive facial and hair lustre along with special attention to feet. Treatments include Head Massage (30 mins.),
Facial – “our feet facial” (45 mins.) and Charcoal Purifying Facial (60 mins.)

Day 3:
To release toxins and restore muscle flexibility. Treatments include Dry Stretch Thai Massage with
Warm Bamboos (75 mins.) and Detox Body Wrap (45 mins.)

Day 4:
To subtly address stored up pain memory and break anxiety patterns. Treatments include Shea Butter
Massage (90 mins.), Firming Face massage with a Collagen Mask (30 mins.)

Day 5:
To subtly address stored up pain memory and break anxiety patterns. Treatments include hot stone/kansa
Massage (90 mins.) and Firming Face massage with a Natural Fresh Aloe Mask (30 mins.)

Day 6:
For skin delight and Muscle mobility enhancement. Treatments include Rose Sugar Body Scrub (30 mins.), Firming
Hot Stone Face Massage with Fresh Aloe Pack (30 mins.) and Dry Stretch Thai Massage using Warm Bundles (75 mins.)

Day 7:
A Hydrating, gentle experience as a culminating touch for a Renewed, Replenished you. Treatments
include Double Decker: Body Wrap Massage (60 mins.) and Skin Brightening Facial (60 mins.)

Recommended for: Insomnia, Restoring inner peace and harmony, Detox and better health,
For special occasions/needs, Skin longevity