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A very warm Hello to you! In a recent break with a friend, I experienced my friend having several senior moments. While during a Beer and Wine time many old memories will surface up. Does it ring a bell? People (including you and me) missing out on day to day things but under the influence of a drink or two able to recall every detail even of our Child Hood memories.
This recent experience and often dusting away the “senior moments” as an ageing phenomenon made me write this article and things we can do to restore our Brain health. Today it is no longer a hidden fact with the Nobel Prize discovery by Dr.Eric Kandel that we can grow New Brain Cells and Rebuild our Brain at any Age! Yes, true that. Science now accepts that shrinking of Brain as we age is no more an unavoidable state.
This recent awareness and scientific revolution has made NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) Protein very popular amongst Drug Manufacturers and Food Supplement industry and is already becoming an answer to several Health issues related to Alzheimer, Parkinson, Down Syndrome etc.
The key effects of NGF Protein are that it protects and repair damaged brain cells and also prevent our brain from shrinking as we get older. Interestingly several Life Style Changes, foods and Nutrients provide or accelerate the production of NGF.
NGF Protein also gets triggered under Stress conditions and that is why Intermittent Fasting (hunger for periodic intervals), Yoga and Low-intensity Workout leading to desirable Stress are recommended as they support the production of NGF. Even Social enrichment is now considered crucial as it accelerates the production of NGF. And the emotion of Love….. cannot be sidetracked anymore for accelerating the production of NGF. So do show up for Social gatherings, participate in festivals, have family time, be romantic, express Love as along with meaningful connections they are also pertinent for your Brain Health.
Food intakes like Blue Berries, Green Tea, Milk Thistle, Gotu Kala (Herb also available as a food supplement), Gingko, Rosemary, Vitamin-A rich fruits, Vegetables are important sources of NGF. Vitamin D, Zinc, Melatonin are some of the significant elements for producing NGF. Hence a regular sun exposure and a good rest are required for both bones and brain.
A moderate consumption of Alcohol also accelerates the production of NGF. (Now you can tick off and have a guilt-free moderate consumption of your favourite brand.) Good news for Coffee Lovers, if you can shift to Coffee Fruit (also fall under superfoods and is caffeine-free) instead of beans apart from a daily kick start to your day it will ensure that you have an active and alert Brain for a very long time.
After all as once said by a wise man “Our memory is a more perfect world than the universe: it gives back life to those who no longer exist.” Wishing you a great health and memory.
Love and regards, Megha.

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