Feel a need for a couple of treatments together than one or two? Perhaps for your face, or deep muscular stiffness or even the feet? Then here is something for you that you might be interested in.


1. Kansa wand detox treatment is provided to enhance your energy levels, while you detox your body, thus helping by drawing out the acidity in the skin. Highly acidic toxins in the lymph nodes are released with Kansa massage, thus balancing skin’s pH level & reducing inflammation and balancing oiliness or dryness in skin. (90 minutes)

2. Foot reflexology is provided to stimulate certain points in the foot and help release energy. (30 minutes)
Recommended for :
Prevents diabetes, hypertension, sleep issues; specifically, good for athletes, gym goers


Duration Individual Couple
2hrs. 3500/- 6500/-


To improve your lymph and blood flow, exfoliate skin, soothe fatigued muscles and revive your facial lustre.
1. Dry Brushing – Brisk strokes with caci brush to stimulate lymph and blood flow (10 mins.)
2. Bamboo Massage – A deep tissue work using warm bamboo that allows better muscular reach (90 mins.)
3. Sugar Scrub – Rich in molasses, a medium coarse scrub for a softer skin ( 30 mins.)
4. Fruit Face Clean Up – An Express face exfoliation coupled with hydrating face Mask. (20 mins)
Recommended for: Loosening of muscles. Prevent premature ageing. Remove fatigue/sluggishness

Duration Individual Couple
2hrs. 30mins 4000/- 7500/-


All your body is asking for! A combination of therapies to release muscular stress,
joint stiffness and address skin pigmentation.
1. De-Tan Wrap – Enriched with Triphala, Ashwagandha, Licorice this wrap helps arrest skin pigmentaton
and hypersensitivity (45mins)
2. Warm Potli Massage – Involves Massage using Heated bundles of Herbsto release Muscle
and joint stiffness (75mins)
3. Skin Brightening Facial – Packed with Vitamin C.to restore cellular radiance and
leaving the skin visibly smoother (60mins)
Recommended for: Muscle disorder. Sun exposed skin. Sedentary/ Traveller’s lifestyle

Duration Individual Couple
2hrs. 30mins 4500/- 8500/-


Precious ingredients recognised for their beauty and regeneration effects are used to replenish and soothe you from head to toe.
1. Shea Butter Oriental bali Massage – Blended with goodness of Vitamin E in Shea Butter. Medium to strong pressure massage techniques are employed to uplift your spirits. (60 mins.)
2. Argan Oil Head Massage – We use specialized oil known as liquid gold to promote hair growth (20 mins.)
3. Rhassoul Salt Scrub – Deep exfoliation with magnesium enriched salt and Rhassoul for supple skin (40 mins.)
4. Activated Charcoal Facial – A facial to purify skin and combat effects of environmental pollution (60 mins.)
Recommended for: Stressed lifestyle. Skin complaints. Headache and hair fall concerns 

Duration Individual Couple
3hrs 5000/- 9000/-

* All Prices are Exclusive GST