Inspired with Ancient Body-Mind Healing systems to restore energy flow and detox one’s body.
1. Foot Reflexology – Concentrated stimulation of reflex points on the feet to release energy blockage (30 mins.)
2. Kansa Wand Detox Massage – Releases deep-seated muscular stress with the help of Ancient Ayurvedic Warm Kansa Metal Wands known for detoxifying and healing effect ( 90 mins. )
Recommended for : Sleep issues, For reducing risk fo diabetes and hypertension. Sportspeople / gym-goers.

Duration Individual Couple
2hrs. 3500/- 6500/-


To improve your lymph and blood flow, exfoliate skin, soothe fatigued muscles and revive your facial lustre.
1. Dry Brushing – Brisk strokes with caci brush to stimulate lymph and blood flow (10 mins.)
2. Bamboo Massage – A deep tissue work using warm bamboo that allows better muscular reach (90 mins.)
3. Sugar Scrub – Rich in molasses, a medium coarse scrub for a softer skin ( 30 mins.)
4. Fruit Face Clean Up – An Express face exfoliation coupled with hydrating face Mask. (20 mins)
Recommended for: Loosening of muscles. Prevent premature ageing. Remove fatigue/sluggishness

Duration Individual Couple
2hrs. 30mins 4000/- 7500/-


All your body is asking for! A combination of therapies to release muscular stress,
joint stiffness and address skin pigmentation.
1. De-Tan Wrap – Enriched with Triphala, Ashwagandha, Licorice this wrap helps arrest skin pigmentaton
and hypersensitivity (45mins)
2. Warm Potli Massage – Involves Massage using Heated bundles of Herbsto release Muscle
and joint stiffness (75mins)
3. Skin Brightening Facial – Packed with Vitamin C.to restore cellular radiance and
leaving the skin visibly smoother (60mins)
Recommended for: Muscle disorder. Sun exposed skin. Sedentary/ Traveller’s lifestyle

Duration Individual Couple
2hrs. 30mins 4500/- 8500/-


Precious ingredients recognised for their beauty and regeneration effects are used to replenish and soothe you from head to toe.
1. Shea Butter Oriental bali Massage – Blended with goodness of Vitamin E in Shea Butter. Medium to strong pressure massage techniques are employed to uplift your spirits. (60 mins.)
2. Argan Oil Head Massage – We use specialized oil known as liquid gold to promote hair growth (20 mins.)
3. Rhassoul Salt Scrub – Deep exfoliation with magnesium enriched salt and Rhassoul for supple skin (40 mins.)
4. Activated Charcoal Facial – A facial to purify skin and combat effects of environmental pollution (60 mins.)
Recommended for: Stressed lifestyle. Skin complaints. Headache and hair fall concerns 

Duration Individual Couple
3hrs 5000/- 9000/-

* All Prices are Exclusive GST

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