Opening Spas Post Lockdown
Yes, it’s True the Impact of Coronavirus has been bigger than any Virus Before!
Covid with all its Pain and Chaos has also given us a Chance to Rethink, Strategise and Rebuild our Businesses with stringent Safety standards. It’s well recognised that only the Brands that can fulfil these expectations will survive and thrive.
Needless to say an Industry like ours Spa that is based on the foundation of Human Touch is flabbergasted!
Today’s major struggle for the Spa Industry is to address the Humongous & Natural Fear against the blood and oxygen of the Spa industry ie Human Touch. While a transition to Non-touch based therapies will take time, addressing this FEAR Now is paramount. And The Only way one can address FEAR is through LOGIC. So here I am sharing all the Relevant actions taken by Meghavi Wellness Team to ensure you are Safe while reinstating our commitment to be your Health and Wellness Partner. (These steps are also relevant to many other industries and please feel free to use and share them.)
1. When do we open up?
We are eagerly looking to welcome you with a Warm

(the NO TOUCH Greeting that will be followed as a Brand guideline) as soon as we are in Green Zone coupled with government advisory. Having said that Spas are allowed to operate in Orange and Green zone.
2No Sickness allowed.

All our Therapists will be undergoing antibody rapid testing and only if they are Negative will be allowed to resume work. This step will be followed with Daily monitoring of the Body temperature with our Thermal Guns and a self-declaration by every single employee of Meghavi Wellness before starting their shifts.
We have also made it mandatory for all our Team members to download Aarogya Sethu app on their Smartphones. The Self declaration and Body Temperature check is also mandatory for all our Guests before they avail any service.
3Our 3 STEPS Sanitisation Protocol for Therapy Rooms & SPA.
Of course, safety and hygiene are the backbone of our industry and yet Our Increased sanitisation measures are to give you a stronger reassurance. 
a) Anti Virological spray

of the entire premise – the effect of this spray lasts for 15 days. Besides fumigation our, every single premise will be sprayed once in 10 days and this information will also be displayed as a regular practice. (Happy to connect if you need contact details of our vendor.)

b) Spray guns our recent purchase will be used to sanitise all touchpoints and massage tables post every usage.

c) UV-c Bulbs

 that are now installed/getting installed in our every therapy room. The UV-c lights will be turned on post every Therapy for 30 mins, the recommended time to ensure that the entire room is sterilised. UV is a known technology used to disinfect Operation theatres since decades. 

4. Masks, Face Shields are the New Accessories to Our Uniform!

Yes, all our team members including Housekeeping staff are given Face Masks and upped with Face shields as an extra caution and in sync with the Health advisory. Also, we will encourage all our Guests to wear face masks when they are on the premises. To ease this, all our outlets will also display and retail Reusable and N-95 Masks.

5. Clean Hands

All our entry points for the Spa, Reception, Wet areas, Therapy Rooms, Toilets, Pantry area are equipped with Sanitisers. Our therapists will also follow the protocol of sanitising their hands in front of the customer before starting any Therapy. Likewise, the Guests are also requested to sanitise their hands at the entry point. 

6Only Disposables

We are now moving to all Single usage items and disposable linen. Along with disposable garments, you will now experience disposable sheets, disposable towels, disposable cups. As a brand, We have already transitioned to mono dosage products and that will continue.

7COVID Safe Therapies


These times made us revisit Every single therapy protocol offered at Meghavi and to tweak it to adapt to the current situation. The therapies that you will experience will have adaptations: adding or excluding certain processes. It will be mandatory for our Guests to take a Shower prior to their therapy. Post therapy one can opt for a second shower or a Warm sponge. 
8Minimum Touch: Digital payments, No Touch Digital display, links for Menu & offers 

With our already existing paperless Mobile billing, we are now encouraging Digital, Touch-free mode of payments. All our guests will get links or shown No touch digital displays of our services and offers to opt from. Our Membership subscriptions are also encouraged and significant as they minimise payment transactions.
9No overcrowding, restricted use of common areas, reconfigured seatings.

Even though our industry works on Pre-booked appointments from Now on, walk-ins will not be encouraged during peak hours. Our common area seatings are rearranged keeping in view of social distancing norms. We will also operate with only OPTIMAL staffing without overlap shifts to avoid any overcrowding. Our pantry areas are also rearranged in view to facilitate this.
10Our Immunity Booster Product Range
With every precaution taken yet at the end of the day, it’s Only our Immunity that will help us fight the COVID battle. Our upcoming, carefully chosen retail range will showcase such Immunity booster products and Supplements for a Healthier you. 
Last but not least we will continue to share various Health tips and create awareness about better ways to strengthen your Immunity. Until then, Namaste and wishing for your wellness. 
Best regards,

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