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*My Covid-19 Journey *

Honestly before I got the Covid Bug, I was quite presumptuous that most likely I was an undiscovered Asymptomatic Covid carrier in view of my life style, travel history (I took close to 40 Domestic Flights post Lockdown majorly work and all other reasons). And deep down in my heart I also carried a sense of pride that my Body is well equipped to handle even such adverse health situations.

Obviously this wasn’t my complete reality. Early April post a meeting when almost everyone who attended it got infected with the Covid bug, I was the last one to test positive.

However with the lowest CT value (20.2) meaning that I had the Highest Viral load in comparison to all others who got infected, my body was able to handle it much swiftly. Besides the Mild pain something that made me realise I have bones in my elbow, in my ankles, toes, hips, ears and fatigue I had no episode of fever, cough, breathlessness etc.

This convinced me that Inspite of the current situation that is known to be more virulent, obviously my usual Health choices and the Preemptive Covid protocol worked in my favor. In the current situation with alarming rise in Covid cases, over burdened Medical Infra my intention to share my experience is to help people minimize and mitigate their Covid risks, however this is my experience and not a Medical advice.

1. Long term Health Choices

I am generally into regular exercise routine whether it’s yoga or brisk walks or some sweat in gym. An Hour of exercise is a part of my lifestyle for over years now.
A veg, my trained inclination is Healthy, freshly prepared food options that favor Organic produce at any given time. Less of dairy and more of greens is my mantra.
My morning always begins with water therapy- consuming a Liter of water empty stomach and at least 15 mins dedicated time for meditation and self reflection. On top my habit of taking regular massages (almost Daily) are the choices over a sustained period that have contributed immensely to my immunity and I believe if followed will be universal for all.

2. My Vitamins Love

My living in a suitcase life makes me one of the Most risked prone person. However based on my doctor’s advice and upping my intake of Vitamin D, Curcumin, Vitamin C at the onset of pandemic truly worked as a shield for me against my prevailing odds. From once in 3 months I started taking Vitamin D shots once in 20 days. While the oral Vitamin C intake continued with Forth-nightly Multi Vitamins drip.

3. The Preemptive Fix

With the Covid bug infecting everyone who attended the meeting and PJ testing positive, I was just days away. As advised by my doc I took 20ml of Liquid Vitamin D3 (Deksel brand) for 3 continuous days inspite of no symptoms at that time. I feel that it was the Key for my body to withstand and with cases increasing in your vicinity a preemptive step for otherwise Healthy people.

*4. The standard Covid Treatment Protocol *

At the onset of symptoms and not waiting for the results that currently is taking atleast 48 hours and more I started with standard Covid Treatment protocol prescribed by my Doc and is also widely used for treating initial Covid stages.
The meds that I was prescribed were
1. Ivermectin (twice a day) – a tablet otherwise used to deal with worms and parasites.
2. Doxycycline( twice a day)- an antibiotic usually known to have an upper hand in treating untamed or difficult bacteria.
3. Vitamin D3, liquid, 60,000units 10 ml a day.
4. Multivitamin A to Z – 1 tablet
5. Zincovit – 1 tablet
6. Pan D and Dolo for acidity and fever/body aches respectively something that I didn’t require more than once.
Besides this Darolac, a probiotic – 3 times a day, more intake of fluids like Coconut water, lassi etc.
All this protocol lasted for me from 12 -20 days.
All this was accompanied with SpO2 and temperature monitoring once in 3 hours and being in regular touch with my Doctor.

5. Reality check

As shared Inspite of lesser CT value and in comparison to the High fever, Cough, Fatigue, High degree of body aches of the 8 attendees who tested positive I was hands down the least symptomatically affected, I was the last one to test positive and the first one to recover. I Tested negative, recovered and resumed daily routine within 8 days, though continued quarantine for 14 days.
The varied emotions of fear, anxiety, was another stress. With PJ having a daily fever of 100degrees and above, all our core members including their families being infected made me go through intense emotions at time. Listening to my spiritual teachers Nithya, Mooji, Sadguru, talking to Friends, Family, WFH and minimizing My News intake worked as a blessing to maintain sanity.

*6. My Two cents*

You are the First, Most and May be the Only one responsible for your own Health and Well-being. Please start making informed choices and in current situation I really feel, believe and have experienced intake of Vitamin D3 as a Magical, Preemptive Approach. Please check with your Doctors if you could consume Vitamin D3, 10ml, once a week, 60,000units.

Last but not the least, Stay well, follow Covid appropriate behavior and remember “this too shall pass”.
With love and wishes,




Disclaimer: All medications shared should be taken up based on professional medical advise only and that results are a typical and differ from person to person.

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