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How to Choose Your Wardrobe Color for Better Health & Faster Healing?
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As established in Quantum Physics Everything is Energy and Energy is also frequency. Things appear different ONLY because they have different frequencies. Remember the formula- E=hf, where E is Energy, h =Planck’s constant & f =frequency?So in Nut Shell as humans we too are Energy having different frequencies and thus we resonate with other matching frequencies. And different colors have different frequencies.
The diseases and mood swings happen to us when our Natural frequencies are affected and by using different colors which match our natural frequency we could actually correct the imbalance and heal faster!
So here are the Tips of what colors you could wear which will fasten your healing and also could help you gaining positive moods and mental frame.
Having Lymphatic issues, Swellings, Water retention, Spleen disorders?
Violet should be your color: The frequency of Violet color vibes well with our Spleen & Lymphatic system. Also if you feel getting too caught up in Worldly pleasures or feeling too lost this color helps you retrieve your connection with higher purpose.

Headaches, Migraine, Weak Eyesight, Sinus issues?
The frequency of Indigo color resonates with your head, eye, ear, nose & mental troubles. Moreover this color increases your forth sightedness and intuition ability.

Throat infections, thyroid, muscle cramps, stomach pain?
Blue is the color which will fast forward your healing of these ailments. Moreover Blue is the color of Expression so don’t miss out to wear your blue for those Important Meetings where you have to express yourself!

Heart Problems, diabetes, cysts, joint inflammation?
The frequency of Green color will soothe you. Also the Color of Heart Chakra this color will open you up to give and receive love.

Facing issues of metabolism, nervous system, glands malfunctioning?
Yellow color helps in healing these issues. Also it is a color of power and wisdom, feeling alone or facing a struggle phase, the effect of wearing this color will aid you.

Depression, pessimism, arteriosclerosis, loss of appetite, anorexia, anemia?
The frequencies of Orange will help in the faster healing of these issues. Also it is a color which reinforces the feeling of abundance and help you alleviate from your insecurities.

Skin disorders, feeling drained, larynx, asthma?
Red is the color to restore the vibrancy and passion in your life and heal you from a constant feeling of being overburdened and survival.

So Now you have One Good reason to Arrange & Shop for your wardrobe to get the colors which best describes your needs!

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