Emotional Release (Soul Balancing)

Post The Real Hotel Marigold documentary which recently got aired on BBC1 on this 15th March’17, which shot the Emotional Release work I did on the Celebrity Sheila and her before and after response naturally made several people curious about this Emotional Release process I do and question if such a thing is possible.

Before I explain what is this Emotional Release Work and how does it work, I will first remind the very fundamental and Now universally accepted Principles in Modern Science.

1. Everything is Energy/Frequency! Remember the school days learning E=mc2 and E=hf (where E= energy, m = Mass, c = speed of light, h=planks constant, f=frequency)
2. The thoughts are energy and are electric currents happening in our neuro system. That’s why Medically Volatile person when given electric shock gets temporary aided.
3. Feelings/emotions are the chemical reactions happening within the body. A simple way to prove this is when chemical composition in forms of Pills for depression which induces calmness works on people, even though it is not a long-term solution. If calmness wasn’t a chemical reaction the pill which is a chemical composition wouldn’t create calmness when taken in.

Keeping in Mind the above researched, scientifically accepted, proven facts now let’s understand what is this Emotional Release session and how does this works!

What is Emotional Release Session like?

In this Emotional Release Technique, I combine three Independent approaches, and interestingly all three emanates from the Energy concept. These are-

1. Gates Method – Based on this method, there are certain focal points in our body which are the storehouse of emotions/energy. Though the cellular memory is in every part of our body, the focal points or Gates Points contain the maximum charge, emotion or energy. A concept well accepted in all Ancient Sciences like Ayurveda, Yoga, Chinese Medicines, Tibetan Medicine, Hawaiian energy works etc.
2. Rebirthing Breathing – A specific form of breathing where in you hold a part of your breath with every inhalation and exhalation, thus creating a charge or pressure to expel out the stored blocked energy.
3. Reiki – The hands-on healing technique to allow the person to be more receptive and energetically create a safer environment for the release work to happen while making me more connected to the person receiving it.

Though all the three processes mentioned above are independent processes and can be employed individually for an emotional release process, however combining these processes make this entire process fast forward. So, what could be achieved in days, months of work could be achieved in few hours ONLY!

The combination of these three techniques or Emotional Release requires me to guide the receiver through specific breathing techniques (and initially the breathing could be quite exhausting)while simultaneously I work on the Gates points. The recall of Reiki makes me more intuitive and connected to the person. As I get more grounded and connected to the person, intuitively I realise which Gates point I need to focus more on. Usually I prefer doing this session on a Mattress on floor where in the receiver could lie and it gives me ample space to move and work around.

This logistic is very important as at times I might end up being on One point for Hours till the time I feel the charge is released. Physiologically I know when the release work has happened, is when the muscles corresponding to that Gates point relax and open-up giving least resistance.

Ideally for a sense of completion I would recommend minimum 3 to 5 sessions, which helps in covering most of the Gates points in the Body.

How does emotional release session work?

As we discussed earlier that emotions, feelings are also a form of energy when we are unable to find a way to let it out or vent out, these unexpressed emotions/energies get stored in our cells and tissues. The inability to vent out the emotions may be attributed to various reasons like our own avoidance to pain, social pressure, inappropriate situations, our belief system, traumatic situations etc., etc.

Usually the stored-up emotions carry more intense energy and are less empowering emotions like sadness, grief, anger, fear, inability to act, responsibility, letting go, mistrust, inability to forgive etc.

Now these unaddressed emotions which gets crystallised in our body hamper the free flow of vital life force thus leading to repetitive abusive and self-pity patterns and if remained unaddressed for a long-time could manifest in the body in form of cancer and tumours and other degenerative health issues.

As our resistance to experience these emotions leads to their crystallization in our cells and tissues, in this Emotional Release process through a Physical way of applying pressure on these focal or rather juicy Gates points, the Breath work of pumping in more Oxygen, and through Reiki a congenial environment gets created leading to the release of that deep-rooted emotion, often leading to experiencing memories associated with that emotion. So, a person receiving this Session may re live a painful experience or an unaddressed issue and may scream, cry, etc. Sometimes when I feel there is a resistance building up I might excite the receiver to say sentences or phrases which I intuitively feel apt to overcome the build-up resistance. And at times this work could also happen at a very subtle level which is also equally healing. Usually from Third/Fourth session when you reach a stage where you get used to or at ease with processing these emotions you start experiencing a deep sense of calmness in the same Gates points which were just few sessions before were the triggers of intense pain!

Once we drop our resistance to experience these usually considered painful emotions, these emotions/energies find their way to flow and helps in restoring the uninterrupted flow of life force. Thus,post these Emotional Release sessions one could experience more peace, joy, bliss within and not getting carried away, affected with ever changing life situations and people. A state like this is immensely empowering and off course very conducive for self-growth, healing, wellness, and being a magnet for more loving relationships.

The Emotional Release session is deeply enriching experience and helps in dropping our resistance to pain. Remember whatever you resist persists and what you accept transforms. Once a transformation happens you experience more wellbeing, the repetitive abusive, disempowering life patterns starts to cease in your life and more importantly you learn to take responsibility for your life and actions and thus become more conscious living being.


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