7 Reasons why one should get a Spa Massage?

WHY of Spa Massages??

Having Regular Massages is it a New Fad or it has some deeper effects? Massages have been an intricate part of all Ancient Cultures and there have been many pictorial evidences and religious texts laying fundamental emphasis on having regular massages.

In fact many of the present day Massages like Ayurveda, Thai, Balinese, Lomi-Lomi, Shiatsu originated many centuries back in the Temples and were performed by Priests & Monks of Highest order. The very name SPA an abbreviation of Sanus Par Aquam meaning Healing by or through Water comes from the 14thCentury when a Town named SPA near Belgium was formed known for its Therapeutic, Healing Natural Springs and which is still existing!

As a part of growing up you would have seen a Newly Born Baby receiving Regular Massages often by Grannies and Mothers for a longest time. With such a long History and a common ritual of many households for sure having a Massage can’t be a New Fad.

Enlisted are 7 Well-researched scientifically proven facts amongst several other facts about Massages improving and complimenting your Health. The reading will further help you realize the Necessity of a Massage in Modern times.

  1. 1. Massages & Blood Circulation

The Strokes used in Massages with varied pressure help relax the Blood vessels ensuring proper blood flow. Also the massage strokes works like what a Water Pressure Pump does! Pull the water from the lower Tank and push it to the upper Storeyed Tank and brings the water down from upper Storey with much more vigor, this is the exact effect of a massage on our blood circulation. In fact One Good, Therapeutic Massage could improve your Blood Circulation by 70% with effects lasting for few days!

2. Massages & our Immunity System.

Unlike Blood which is pumped by Heart, the Lymph – the whitish fluid in our body mainly consisting of White Blood Cells and antibodies is constantly fighting with infections often become sluggish due to sedentary life style and earth’s gravity. The squeezing and pressing of the muscles in the massage works like mini pressure pumps pushing the lymph up towards the torso along with the pressure exerted by the improved blood flow and thus establishes effective flow of lymph enabling good distribution of WBCs and Antibodies. Like a well Distributed Army protecting our Body from all Invasions and Infections!

  1. 3. Massage reduces 80% Risk against having Lifestyle Illnesses like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cancer etc.

With Improved Blood Flow, our cells receive proper amount of Oxygen & Nutrients since blood is a carrier of Oxygen & food. An Oxygenated and well Nourished body will not make your body a Home to Lifestyle Illnesses like Diabetes, Blood Pressure and Cancer too since Cancer cells do not survive in oxygenated environment. No wonder you have 80% better chances combined with good Food of not falling prey to these health troubles.

  1. 4. Massages makes you Look Younger.

The Oils used in Massages gets pushed into the epidermal layers of skin due to rubbing, kneading & stroking unlike a simple plain application of oil and creams. The Oil or creams used in massages rehydrate and moisten the skin thus making it supple and soft. A supple & soft skin gives you a Minimum benefit of 10 Years Younger Looks than your counterparts.

  1. 5. Massages tone & shape your body Giving a Same Effect of 30 Minutes of Brisk Walk.

A Massage is an enjoyable workout for your Body! The different stretching techniques, rubbing, muscle manipulations mobilize fats, release fascia layer & restore postural balance. A Regular Massage will give you a Same benefit of a 30 Minutes Brisk Walk!

  1. 6. Massages improve Virility, Day’s Productivity while reducing Chances of Depression upto 65%.

Massages calms your body, increases oxygen supply to your cells & stimulates endorphin production. Due to production of Endorphins – the de-stress hormones, the Virility is enhanced greatly. With More Oxygen supply we remain alert & focused and our brain cells function at optimum level which maximizes our productivity. The Therapeutic Touch deepens the feeling of being safe and nurture more positive thoughts. An overall effect of Endorphin stimulation, more Oxygen and increased positive thoughts reduces chances of depression by upto 65%.

  1. 7. Massages Rejuvenate & Detoxify your Body.

The Muscle manipulation in massages releases the stress chemical – lactic acid. Along with it, the improved blood circulation, effective nutrition distribution improves our metabolism, and enables the body to throw out Toxins through Breath, Perspiration & Urination. A 14 Days Detox Massage Routine can clean up Your Several Decades Toxins!

Aren’t Now the Enlisted some of the Many Benefits of Massages tempting enough to Google for the BestSpa (one of the ways you can find out is through Online reviews) and Book in for Your Slot?

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