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Yes, it’s True the Impact of Coronavirus has been bigger than any Virus Before!
Covid with all its Pain and Chaos has also given us a Chance to Rethink, Strategise and Rebuild our Businesses with stringent Safety standards. It’s well recognised that only the Brands that can fulfil these expectations will survive and thrive.

Today’s major struggle for Spa Industry is to address the Humongous & Natural Fear against the blood and oxygen of the Spa industry ie Human Touch. While a transition to Non touch based therapies will take time, addressing this FEAR Now is paramount. And The Only way one can address FEAR is through LOGIC. So here I am sharing all the Relevant actions taken by Meghavi Wellness Team to ensure you are Safe while reinstating our commitment to be your Health and Wellness Partner.

1. No Mask No Service

In accordance to Government guidelines and for Public safety, all our Guests are required to wear a Face Mask when in the premises. We seek your cooperation and for your ease, all our outlets will also display and retail Reusable and N-95 Masks.

2. Shower before the Therapy
We recommend a Shower prior to the start of your therapy. This will not only enhance the safety but also will prepare your body to receive maximum benefits of your therapy. Post treatment if you wish you can ask for a warm towel wipe to avoid repeated shower.

3. Our Awareness Program

The Wall posters, floor markings at all common places are done to create more awareness with the intention to address this challenge effectively. It is the World Now of New Normal!

4. Entry, Exit points equipped with Hands Free Sanitizer

All our entry and exit points have got Hands Free Sanitiser placed to reinforce the need and facilitate Safe, Clean Hands.

5. Minimising Crowding

Our bright Stickers on the floor will be a simple reminder of Physical Distancing at Reception and Billing counters.

6. Welcoming you with NAMASTE,

Namaste the NO TOUCH Greeting is our Brand Guideline to welcome you.

7. No Sickness allowed.

Mandatory Temperature screening of all our guests and a self declaration of No sickness is the Norm that is followed.

8. Masks, Face Shields are the New Accessories to Our Uniform!

Yes all our team members including Housekeeping staff are given Face Masks and upped with Face shields as an extra caution and in sync with the Health advisory.

9. Covid-19 Safety Compliance Board

Our reception area will display the Safety Compliance Board to present you all actions taken by us with a regular update of our new improvised Safety Measures.

10. S.O.P’s by Ministry of Skill Development, W.H.O. Guidelines for Beauty & Wellness

These times made us revisit Every single therapy protocol offered at Meghavi and to tweak it to adapt to current situation. The therapies that you will experience will have adaptations: adding or excluding certain processes.

11. GO’s & Implementing all Government Norms & Advisory

We are displaying all the Government orders and GO’s issued giving the permission to the Spa Industry to operate with all the necessary measures.

12. Active Aarogya Setu App on Phones of all our Employees

We have also made it mandatory for all our Team members to download Aarogya Sethu app on their Smart phones and provide a self declaration.

13. Covid -19 Symptoms Test & Lab reports

We have ensured that you receive your Services by Healthy, Vibrant therapists. All our Therapists have undergone Blood test, Urine test and Chest X-ray, these Lab test reports are also displayed.

14. Live Temperature Chart update of all Employees

Daily monitoring of the Body temperature with our Thermal Guns and a self declaration by every single employee of Meghavi Wellness before starting their shifts.

15. Anti Virological Spray certifies by Sterlit

Anti Virological spray of the entire premise – the effect of this spray lasts for 15 days. Besides fumigation our every single premise will be sprayed once in 10 days and this information is also displayed.

16. Usage of recommended disinfectants

From Sodium Hypochlorite to Taski R1, we have all the recommended chemicals for Daily & routine deep cleaning and sanitisation.

17. No overcrowding, restricted use of common areas, reconfigured seatings.

Even though our industry works on Pre booked appointments from Now on, walk ins will not be encouraged during peak hours. Our common area seatings are rearranged keeping in view of social distancing norms. We will also operate with only OPTIMAL staffing without overlap shifts to avoid any over crowding. Our pantry areas are also rearranged in view to facilitate this.

18. Minimum Touch: Digital Menus

All our guests will get links or shown No touch digital displays of our services and offers to opt from. Our Membership subscriptions are also encouraged and significant as they minimise payment transactions.

19. Sanitised Door Openers

To avoid frequent touch points we are offering all our guests Sanitised door openers while they are in the premises.

20. Sanitised Hands prior to any Therapy

Our therapists will display and sanitise their hands infront of you simply to reinforce the need that only Clean, Safe Hands touch you.

21. Fumigation FOGGER for Beds & Contact Points

The fumigation FOGGER filled with Liquid sanitiser is used to sanitise massage beds and all common touch points in therapy rooms prior to commencement of therapy.

22. Only Disposables

We are now moving to all Single usage items and disposable linen. Along with disposable garments you will now experience disposable sheets, disposable towels, disposable cups. As a brand We have already transitioned to mono dosage products and that will continue.

23. Air sterilisation with Ultraviolet lights (UVc Surgery Level)

UV-c Bulbs is installed in every therapy room. The UV-c lights will be turned on post every Therapy for 15 mins, the recommended time to ensure that the entire room is sterilised. UV-c is a known technology used to disinfect Operation theatres since decades.

24. Cashless Transaction

With over 9 Online payment options we are encouraging all our Guests to utilise Digital payment options. Our Memberships subscription further facilitates Quick & Touchfree transactions.

25. Our Immunity Booster Product Range

With every precaution taken yet at the end of the day it’s Only our Immunity that will help us fight the Covid battle. Our carefully developed product range with Immunity booster ingredients like Curcumin, Frankincense is an effort for a More Healthy Spa experience.

Last but not the least we will continue to share various Health tips and create awareness about better ways to strengthen your Immunity. Untill then, Namaste and wishing for your wellness.

Best regards,
Co Founder
Meghavi Wellness.

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