10 Reasons -Why it is NOT OK to be Obese?

10 Reasons -Why it is Not OK to be Obese?I have Friends, family members either at the Border Line or actually being Obese. And majority of them are facing this problem because of their Eating pattern and Sluggish Lifestyle. Infact my Experience of More than 16 Years in wellness Industry has made me realize that Only a very small Fraction of people are Obese due to a Genetic Disorder or a Health Complication. If I have to give a percentage atleast 90% of People are Obese today because of their Eating Habits, Choice & Quantity of Food and offcourse the Sluggish lifestyle and all these reasons are correctable.I have learnt, to break a pattern or habit is Not because we are Addicted or receive Pleasure from Our Habit but it is More so because of the Displeasure or Pain caused by Not doing it. That Means a Smoker smokes not because He gets a Pleasure or a Kick from Smoking but more so because he wants to avoid the Discomfort and displeasure caused by Not Smoking.

Since our  early years, we are trained by our Society, Parents, Schools, entire upbringing that Every Pain or Discomfort is bad and it is so strong in each One of Us that Every effort and action of Ours is governed on the basis of No or Minimal Pain and Displeasure. As a result The Biggest Gains of our Life becomes Miniscule or Negligible in front of the Immediate Pain or Discomforts caused by our actions or choices.

Keeping this Psychology of Our Strong Resistance to any Pain or Discomfort that I decided to be Blunt and bring the Harsh reality “Why it is Not OK to Be Obese and do nothing or too little About addressing it?” Also the Intention behind this article is to shake the comfort zone of being Obese. Following are the Top 10 reasons.

  1. First and Foremost Obesity is a Health Hazard.

It is a Proven fact Obesity increases Your Risks of Heart Failure, Cancer, Diabetes, Liver Failure, High Blood Pressure, Arthirits etc, etc  atleast 150 times More! Thus Obesity is a Health Hazard and even the Medical fraternity has accepted it Now, before treating any of these ailments. Remember one of the First things Your Doc today asks you is to Loose weight if you are On a Heavier built and having any of these symptoms.


  1. A Self Invited Obesity is a Burden on Self, Others and the Planet.

And Yes, It is your Body and you can Choose to be an Obese couch but Do it Only if Your Obesity which equals to Sickness is Not causing a Pressure on others. Whether that Pressure is an emotional distress on a Loved one, Work pressure on your colleagues, The tax payers who are paying through their nose to help create better medical facilities, exploitation of Natural resources by Over eating Food which serves No purpose to survival and by Pharmas which are funded by People like you. In Nut shell Your Indulgence is NOT ACCEPTABLE at the Cost of Health Conscious People.


  1. Pregnancy and Delivering a Baby is NO EXCUSE for Justifying your Obesity and overweight.

Scientifically and Naturally Only 10 KGs is an additional Weight gain for any Healthy Pregnancy. Around 3-3.5 Kgs weight of the Baby, around 3-4 Kgs weight of water and remaining as fat tissues for the cushioning effect and easy weight delivery. Any extra kgs beyond this is Purely Your Excuse of Over Indulgence and craving for Attention. So STOP BLAMING the Child Birth for those Hanging Love Handles.


  1. Obesity cannot be Justified on account of Social Compulsions and Late Nights.

Most of us today do not live in a world where we can be forced. And, If any Society or so called Friends, family, well wishers are forcing You to Eat and Over Indulge into food and alcohol contributing towards Your Obesity than One Thing proven is they are Not Your Well wishers. If You Still Choose to be with such People who are encouraging and seeing you harming yourself, The ONLY Person to be hold responsible is YOU. And YOU are being Stupid.


  1. Death is inevitable for Thin or Obese, So why bother?

True, the Day we are born physically the Next Biggest Universal Truth is with each day passing by we are coming close to our Physical Death! So both Sick and Healthy will die one day. The question is Do you want to Die miserably and with so much suffering that all the Great things You did or experienced in your Life gets over shadowed by your  Miseries and you are not able to even let your Loved ones say a Proper goodbye? And even if you Choose a Miserable death, then do it but in isolation, not making other people suffer.


  1. Obesity is a convenience and a distorted Animal instinct.

It is a Fact that being Obese is a convenience for many people. It is much easy to Give in to a temptation to Grab a Cheese Burger from a Favorite Joint, put everything which looks close to food in the Mouth and the Only way to Judge about the goodness of it is by Taste and Smell, to Sleep late and then find no time to exercise and come up with all possible excuses. However naturally even an Animal would not eat with a Full Stomach, so indeed the uncontrolled need of eating is a disorder and a distorted animal instinct.


  1. Obesity is a Mental, Physical and Emotional Disorder.

Researches have proved that Obesity makes people mentally less alert, lazy, irresponsible, hyper, insecure, jealous and potential disruptive. And do you want statistics? Look back into History, how many Obese People have marked their presence or created History?


  1. Obesity leads to decreased Fertility and virility.

Obesity affects our Hormonal level. Estrogen – the Female Hormones & Testosterone – The Male Hormones imbalance leads to many sexual and fertility issues including less of Libido, Erectile Dysfunction, inability to hold the fetus etc. No wonder One of the earliest advice’s by Fertility experts is to lose weight in Child planning.


  1. Obesity is a Disease.

Today The Medical Fraternity regards Obesity as a Disease and not a condition, which can be fatal to human life. Obesity is a disease which in turn leads to many serious Health complications. Interestingly, Many Doctors today have started promoting a Medical intervention to treat Obesity. And if you have reached 150Kgs + most likely your Doc will ask you to go under the knife.


10.Obesity with a Family History cannot be addressed, is a Myth.

Agreed the possibility of you being obese increases if it is in the Family but more so due to the Eating habits, choice of food, lifestyle habits which you pick up behaviorally from the family. And if it is a genetic disorder fortunately we are in a world with so much of advancement that much of it can be corrected.


Yes, people are born with different physical statures and being Thin is No guarantee for better health. And for some people it is easier to maintain their weight and for some it requires more commitment. But isn’t that for everything in Life? The Beauty is when you look at Life as a whole, everything neutralizes and no question of More or less effort arises. Every effort seems to be perfect and in harmony and in context to Life. So if you need to  put in More efforts for Being Healthy. so Be it.

And with this I pen down “My love for people is not based on their Size. Also I do not believe that we are defined by our Body and yet I Respect, Trust and like People More who value their Physical body and work towards maintaining it. After all, In a Physical plane, to achieve what you want to, your Body is the Only place You will get to Live in!!” So looking after Your Body Well and Nourishing it is Respecting and being Grateful towards this Gift of Nature.





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