Often I experience a sense of curiosity and sometimes disbelief that storing memory is not the Job Of Brain alone! And what is equally interesting is different parts of body stores different sets of emotions.
Before we get there, I will need you to take a moment and bring your attention that if a Nose sitting on your face, the color of your eyes, the texture of your hair etc can be a reflection of your Great Grand Mother/Father or Great Great Parent what makes you feel that their unfulfilled desires or emotions aren’t part of you? Bingo did something clicked?
And interestingly many ancient Sciences including Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine have gone into much deeper level of understanding. These sciences discovered that different parts of the body stores specific set of emotions and through the health issue of a person you can understand their emotional state and vice a versa.
For example Knees store emotions typically related to fear, fear of change or fear of dying. Remember the jittery knees just before some important meeting or result! That’s why as people age many start developing issues related to knees as sub consciously fear of death starts building up. 😊
Similarly lower back stores emotions related to survival and money, shoulders about responsibility, chest is a store house of emotions of grief, sadness, jealousy.
Are you now wondering why only Negative emotions gets blocked? If one could view Negative emotions under a microscope you will find them something similar like sticky, dense energy pattern and the different patterns have affinity towards different parts of the body. Often our upbringing doesn’t teach us to process our Negative emotions but to suppress them. Remember your Mom saying, you are a bad girl/boy if you ever expressed your anger? And what we suppress and resists, it persists. As a result these suppressed negative emotions get stored up and are often referred as energy or emotional blockages.
The Good part is there are many exercises and therapies like EFT, Muscle Sculpting, Breath Work are available to release these blocked emotions which if unaddressed often manifests in various health issues. And the Beauty is addressing these blocked emotions not only Frees you from repetitive life patterns but also restores your Physical and Emotional Well-being.

Wishing you Happy, Healthier Days ahead.

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